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001_No Getting Over Me.Ronnie Misap.mp3
002._Wiz Khalifa_Charlie Puth-See You Again.mp3
003_.Doin' Just Fine--Boyz II Men.mp3
004_好听蓝调歌曲推荐 -IM CONNA FIN(I M CONNA FIN).mp3
005_Maroon 5-Moves Like Jagger.mp3
006_Ring My Bells 我的铃声(恩里克.伊格莱西亚斯).mp3
007_The One You Love--Glenn Frey.mp3
008_Unbreak My Heart 勿伤我心(唐妮.布莱斯顿).mp3
009_When You Say Nothing At All(罗南.基汀).mp3
010_车载CD蓝调Toni Braxton-Yesterday.mp3
011_车载蓝调-Sarah Connor-Natural好听音乐-Just One Last Dance.mp3
012_发烧蓝调 咖啡屋-车载通用Sarah Connor-Living To Love You.mp3
013_好听的蓝调音乐 Whitney Houston-Exhale(Shoop Shoop).mp3
014_Let It Be 顺其自然(查理.格林).mp3
015_极品蓝调 Michael Jackson-Gone Too Soon咖啡专用.mp3
016_极品蓝调-BoA-Breathe Again咖啡屋系列.mp3
017_极品蓝调推荐Toni Braxton-Un-Break My Heart汽车音乐.mp3
018_精品蓝调Boyz II Men-End Of The Road茶厅系列.mp3
019_精选蓝调 早场 Boyz II Men-I ll Make Love To You.mp3
020_酒吧蓝调Alicia Keys-We Are Here待客系列.mp3
021_爵士蓝调 欧美-I Wanna Know.mp3
022_咖啡屋音乐蓝调Whitney Houston-I Will Always Love You.mp3
023_汽车蓝调音乐-Sarah Connor-He s Unbelievable.mp3
024_无损音乐_极品蓝调Joy Enriquez-Losin  The Love.mp3
025_西餐厅爵士蓝调金曲欧美I Love You.mp3
026_西餐厅蓝调Black And Blue (What Did I Do To Be So).mp3
027_珍藏蓝调Toni Braxton-Fairy Tale极品.mp3
028_4.55. Wynners.mp3
029_500 Mile Away Form Home.Boby Bare.mp3
030_A Place Nearby 天涯若比邻(琳恩.玛莲).mp3
031_After Tonight 今晚过后(玛丽亚.凯莉).mp3
032_All I  Have To Do Is Dream.Juice Newton.mp3
033_All The Man That Need 我需要的男人(惠特尼.休斯顿).mp3
034_Already Home 等你对已经到家了(安娜贝尔.费).mp3
035_Am I Still The One 我还是你的最爱吗(丹尼尔.波特).mp3
036_As Long As You Love Me 只要你爱我(后街男孩).mp3
037_Baby One More Time 给我多一次机会(布兰妮).mp3
038_Baby 宝贝(贾斯丁.比伯).mp3
039_Back At One--Brian Mcknight.mp3
040_Beacause Of You 因为你(凯莉.克莱森).mp3
041_Best In Me 最好的我(蓝色组合).mp3
042_Bleeding Love 滴血的爱(莱昂娜.刘易斯).mp3
043_Blowin In The Wing.The Brother Four.mp3
044_Borrowed Angels 借来的天使(克里斯汀.肯诺恩斯).mp3
045_Burning 燃烧(玛丽亚.亚瑞糖多).mp3
046_Bye Bye Bye 拜拜拜(超级男孩).mp3
047_Bye Bye--Mariah Carey.mp3
048_Child.Frddie Aghuilar.mp3
049_Christmas In My Heart--Sarah Connor.mp3
050_Cotton Fields.C.C.R.mp3
051_Dona Dona.Joan Baze.mp3
052_Don't Know Why 不知为何(诺拉.琼斯).mp3
053_Don't Matter 不要紧(阿肯).mp3
054_Don't Turn Off The Lights 不要关灯(安立奎).mp3
055_Don't You Remember 忘记了吗(阿黛尔).mp3
056_Driving In Your Car 开车旅行(艾斯本.林德).mp3
057_Ei Conder Pasa.Somon Carfunkel.mp3
058_Evergreen Tree.Cliff Richard.mp3
059_Fairy Tale 童话(唐妮.布雷斯顿).mp3
060_Fallin 深陷情网(艾莉西亚.凯斯).mp3
061_Falsas Esparanzas--Christina Aguilera.mp3
062_Felling Good(麦可.布雷).mp3
063_Follow Me.John Denver.mp3
064_Gelifonia Dreaming.The Mans And The Papas.mp3
065_Genie In A B Bottle 瓶中精灵(克里斯汀娜).mp3
066_Good Time 最佳时刻(猫头鹰之城).mp3
067_Greensleeves.Sandy Folar.mp3
068_He Thing Abou Love 关于爱(艾莉西亚.西 凯斯).mp3
069_Heart Of Gold.Wille Nelson.mp3
070_Heartbeats Accelerating.Linda Ronstadt.mp3
071_Heartbeats 心跳(艾米.戴蒙德).mp3
072_His Mistakes 他的错(亚瑟小子).mp3
073_Honesty 诚实(比利.乔).mp3
074_Hotel California.mp3
075_I Believe I Can Fly 我相信我能飞(阿.凯利).mp3
076_I Can't Stop Loving You-Don Gibson.Don Gibson-back.mp3
077_I Do It For You 为了你(白兰地).mp3
078_I Don't Believe You 我不相信你(粉红女郎).mp3
079_I Don't Like To Sleep Alone 我不想一个人睡(保罗.安卡).mp3
080_I Kissed A Girl 我吻了一个女孩(凯蒂.佩里).mp3
081_I M In Here--Sia.mp3
082_If I Were A Boy 如果我是男孩(碧昂斯).mp3
083_Islandsing Overme.Rogers Dolly parton.mp3
084_It Nerver Rains In Southem Califonia.Alveri Hammond.mp3
085_It's Over 结束了(万妮萨.卡玛尔格).mp3
086_It's Raining Again 又下雨了(斯盖拉.格蕾).mp3
087_Jambalaya.Hank Williams.mp3
088_Je M'appelle Helene 我是伊莲(伊莲娜.西嘉贺).mp3
089_Jolene.Dolly Parton.mp3
090_Lady.Kenny Rogersn.mp3
091_Leave The Light On--Priscilla Ahn.mp3
092_Lemon Tree.The Ronther Four.mp3
093_Let You Love Flow.Bellamy Brothers.mp3
094_Living To Love You 为爱你而活(莎拉.窥娜).mp3
095_Longer.Dan Fogelderg.mp3
096_Look After You 照顾你(冲突乐团).mp3
097_Love Is Couloe Blind 爱无定界(莎拉.窥娜).mp3
098_Love Story 爱情故事(泰勒斯威夫特).mp3
099_Love The Way You Lie 爱你说谎的方式(艾米纳姆).mp3
100_Love You Lately 爱你如昔(丹尼尔.波特).mp3
101_Lovebird 爱情鸟(丽安娜.刘易斯).mp3
102_Love--Shania Twain.mp3
103_My Heart Will On 我心依旧(席琳.迪翁).mp3
104_My Love 我的爱(西城男孩).mp3
105_Narrow Daylight--Diana Krall.mp3
106_Never Grow Old--The Cranberries.mp3
107_No Matter What 无论如何(男孩地带).mp3
108_No Tears 不再流泪(詹姆士.布朗特).mp3
109_Not Me,Not I 不是我(戴尔塔.古德莱姆).mp3
110_Nothing On You 你不知道的事(布鲁诺.马尔斯).mp3
111_One Love 唯一爱(蓝色组合).mp3
112_One True Flame 真正火焰(达林.赞雅).mp3
113_One 唯一(玛丽.布莱姬).mp3
114_Only Love 唯有爱(真情马克).mp3
115_Quizsa Quizsa Quizsa.Trio san juan.mp3
116_Ready For The Times To Get Better.mp3
117_Ready For Time Get Better.Gest Always.mp3
118_Rolling In The Deep 心沉深渊(阿黛尔).mp3
119_Rose Rose I Love You.Frankle Laine.mp3
120_San Francisco.Sxott Mckenzie.mp3
121_Saved 拯救(科尼利亚.默斯瓦尔德).mp3
122_Scarborough Fiar.simon Cafunkel.mp3
123_Second Chance 第二次机会(迪巴吉).mp3
124_Seven Lonely Days.Paftsy Clion.mp3
125_Sitting Down Here 还在这里(琳恩玛莲).mp3
126_So Sick 厌倦(尼欧).mp3
127_Stand Up For Love 为爱坚强(天命真女).mp3
128_Stickwith 只想跟你在一戏 只想跟你在一起(小野猫).mp3
130_Sunny Came Home.Shawn Colin.mp3
131_Sutter's Mill.Dan Fogelberg-back.mp3
132_Sweet Sweet Smile.Carperters.mp3
133_Ta Main 牵你的手(格雷).mp3
134_Take Me To Your Heart 带我到你心里(迈克尔学摇滚).mp3
135_Take My Home Country Roads.John Eenyer.mp3
136_Talking To The Moon 向月亮倾诉(布鲁诺.马尔斯).mp3
137_Thank You For Hearing Me--SinéAd O Connor.mp3
138_The Coulour Of The Night 夜色(劳伦.姬丝汀).mp3
139_The Day We Find Love (Radio Edit)--911.mp3
140_The Day You Went Away 你出走的那一天(M2M).mp3
141_The End Of the World.Skeeter Davis.mp3
142_The Loneliness 孤单寂寞(娃娃脸).mp3
143_The Saltwater Room--Owl City.mp3
144_Ther House Of The Rising.Poxo Seco Singrs.mp3
145_This Is My Now 我的当下(乔丁.斯帕克斯).mp3
146_This Is Your Song--Ronan Keating.mp3
147_Vincent.Don Melean.mp3
148_Wait For You 等你(凯拉).mp3
149_walking away--ChianoSky.mp3
150_Warwick Avenue--Duffy.mp3
151_What Am I To You--Norah Jones.mp3
152_What Are Words 承诺必达(克里斯.梅迪纳).mp3
153_What If We Never 如果永远不(克里斯汀.肯诺恩斯).mp3
154_Whatata Want From Me 你到底想怎样(亚当.兰伯特).mp3
155_Whatever You Want--Vienna Teng.mp3
156_When A Child Is Born.Richard.mp3
157_Where Have All The Flowes Gone.Ringston Trio.mp3
158_White Flag 为爱投降(蒂朵).mp3
159_Why Won't You Love Me 你为何不爱我(唐妮.布雷斯顿).mp3
160_With Him--Babyface.mp3
161_Without You (哈利.尼尔森).mp3
162_Wonderful Life 美丽人生(拉.菲比安).mp3
163_Yesterday When I Was Will Young.Glen Compbell.mp3
164_You Are My Sunshine.mp3
165_You Are So Beautiful--Joe Cocker.mp3
166_You Cheatin Herat.Hank Williams.mp3
167_You're Beautiful 你如此美丽(詹姆士.布朗特).mp3
168_You're Not Alone 你不会独行(肖恩.沃德).mp3
169_You'Ve Got A Way--Shania Twain.mp3
170_Bressanone 布列瑟农(马修连恩).mp3
171_Apologize 抱歉(共和时代).mp3

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